Need Advice?

Are you having difficulty confronting a problem?  Is there a challenge you don't know how to face?  Sometimes a little outside perspective can be a big help.  As much as we think we can figure things out on our own, perhaps it's best to ask others for advice. That's why we're assembling panels of experts to answer questions submitted here on this form.  There's no limit to what our expert panels will be able to help with. Things like:

    • Relationship / sex / dating advice
    • Struggles in personal development 
    • Health issues
    • Career advice
    • Interpersonal challenges
    • Family drama
    • Frustrations with a partner 

If you're stuck between a rock and a hard place, tell us about it!   Please take a few moments to tell us about yourself and your situation.  Include as many details you can and then try to pose a direct question for the experts to answer.  We may do some light editing on your submission. Thanks for writing in! 

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